Fat Penguin Prototyping and Playtesting

Fat Penguin has been the result of a process of ideation, rapid prototyping, and iteration. The iterative design process is cyclical, and ‘alternates between prototyping, play testing, evaluation, and refinement” (cited in Eladhari & Ollila 2012, 392). My development process has involved a long series of prototypes, playtests, feedback, and change.   First Ideation At… Read More Fat Penguin Prototyping and Playtesting

MechYard: Playtest

MechYard, the semi competitive, tile laying time management game has been played. That’s right, a copy has been produced, printed and played. Printed? You mean 3D printed, right? This was the game designed to have a small Mech model is front of you, with magnetic plates and tiles attached, wasn’t it? That was the original… Read More MechYard: Playtest