DIGC310 Digital Game Cultures 2015 Week Two

“The major limitation of any learning environment or learning experience is that you get out of it only what you put into it. Learning doesn’t take place magically. You also can’t learn if you are unwilling to open your mind to new ideas (that often threaten deeply held positions).” John Robb, Brave new War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization (2007).

I came across this quote in some light reading after the two seminars today and thought it an appropriate postscript to today’s experience. Even though it get’s chaotic, and it’s hard to see your way with the informal structure of subject at first, just remember the subject is designed around what you want to put into it. I hope you all give game design a try at what ever level you deem interesting, don’t let a knowledge of games (or it’s felt absence) hold you back. Get stuck in and let us help make your game.

Thanks again to Olivia (@Grifflon916) who presented today on the game art styles that she has been researching and the types of art direction she is keen on contributing to a game development project. If you have a story, a character, a game world, or even an idea for game mechanic, then let her assist in the designing the aesthetic for your game.

A reminder to download the free version of Gamemaker and start to experiment in making your own game this week. There are dozens of great YouTube tutorials to walk you through the software.

Thanks also to Britt(@BrittA2211 ) for taking on the Digital Game Cultures DIGC310 blog and those students who have showed an interest in administering and adding content to the site. Britt has created the DIGC310 instagram account and everyone is welcome to contribute content using the #DIGC310 hashtag via Twitter and Instagram. Thanks to those collecting the list of blogs to aggregate content for the subject blog from your weekly posts and Britt for adding them to the site blogroll https://digitalgamecultures.wordpress.com.

Let me know if yours is missing from the list.

There was a huge amount of activity spread across the two seminars today, including three remakes of video games in the works, a full ‘let’s play’ board games video being recorded, several ideas of new games discussed, and a team of makers tackling the 3D printing different versions and objects for the print-on-demand game Coin Age.

In designing and contributing to the games – and you can contribute to any project at any time – remember the difficulty you are experiencing in the descriptions of the rules and contribute to a games culture of better written rules! (The Adventurers defeated some of us today).

Cheers to Angus for sharing this awesome indie game:


If you are interested in learning more about the Oculus Rift, here is a pretty good hands on review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNgKm8AfWhY

Both Unity and Unreal4 are free to download and use software for the Mac and PC, that you can use to create virtual reality experiences for the Oculus, let me know if you are keen to try.

Don’t forget to check out Dan’s (@xNatolix) Twitch Stream or Dale’s (@DailyDael) YouTube Channel, and start to think about the game you want to make.

See you all next week.

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