Settlers of Catan; A.K.A Manipulation and Underhandedness 101

The Internet and I

It was easy, almost too easy. 3 unsuspecting victims who had never played before, and all I had to do was innocently suggest “hey, how about we play Settlers of Catan?”

They never even saw it coming.

As somewhat of an old hand at this board game I was more than happy to lead the lambs to the slaughter. I mean, instruct my friends and have a fun game.

For those who have never played before, Settlers of Catan is game based around the premise of industrial development using the resources you have at hand. Basically, the more you build the more victory points you aquire and you need 10 victory points to win. However, specific combinations are required to build different structures or earn different advancements (such as roads, settlements, cities and development cards) and players will only have access to a limited number and type of resources. Therefore…

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