Week 1 – The Adventurers: Temple of Chac


DIGC 310 – Digital Game Cultures Blog Entry 1

The art was clean and crisp on the packaging, and I expected it to be a cheesy game. The text used immediately calls Indiana Jones to mind, and the artwork made me assume there would be traps and corny deaths and sabotage. And my feelings were correct – to a point. When the five of us opened the box, we found a very complicated game board and a small rule book. None of us had played the game before, and Dr. Moore mentioned it was one of the more complicated games out there, with only one other game he brought being more complex. Good for us.

After struggling and laughing uncomfortably with the chores of organizing the game board, we began reading the rules. Paul started with the rules, but then I (Paulie) took over. The youngest player started the round…

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