Can I Make A Board Game?


I‘M A MAKER – I created a draft game-board based on a team member’s rough sketch. She wanted to adapt the game Grow Home into a board game, so she sketched out Snakes and Ladders with robots.

Four players control their robot up a floating mountain (or through a cave system), to reach the home flower at the top of the board, before the other players do. Each robot carries a crystal that can be used to advantage themselves or disadvantage others, based on a card system.

My draft is rudimentary, but I’m comfortable with it not looking good. I know it would be harmful to be a perfectionist during pre-development.

Idea Time:

How I would further develop the Grow Home board game concept:
Each player has their own coloured die (red, blue, green, and yellow), and they’re rolled together into a bowl. All players move, determined by their coloured die…

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