Videogame Adaptations

Dacria's Day

Videogames are a weird medium.  They aren’t weird because they’re hard to understand, they aren’t weird because now your mum can play them on Facebook. They’re weird because they let you do things that board games can’t.

On a board game, if players moved their pieces at the same time it’d be both almost impossible to physically play and really confusing. The tangle of arms and fingers is just monstrous. You can get around this in video games.  Strategy games on a table top have too many little pieces to move easily and quickly but a couple of clicks can send 200 zerglings to victory.

This took far too long This took far too long and half of it was automized

Racing games are another one where, really, moving pieces have to take turns. This is one where I think board games have an advantage because while it is fun to zip past your friends…

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