Fee Escape- Prototype

Amy Joyce


I attempted my hand at game design again this week under the instruction to develop a University based game. I developed a board game modelled on Monopoly entitled, Fee Escape. The basic goal of the game is to pay off your student loans before anyone else.

I employed a turn base structure, this allows for the players to engage in social conversation through-out the game as-well as shifting the centre of attention from player to player (Xu, Barba, Radu et al. 2011 p.9). The rules are based on the Monopoly rules, where you must past ‘Centrelink’ to collect your $300 each round. You can also rent houses on the board but these have leases, when someone lands on your rented property that player will then pay a Couch Surfing fee to the person who is currently renting the11072722_10153058005825129_255690405_n property.  Through- out the game the player has a chance to…

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