EVEREST: The Board Game

The Grand Optimist

Week 3
I came up with a potential idea for a board game we could work on for class.
I find it interesting that you can turn almost any scenario into a board game. Influenced by my love of mountains, I decided to create a game where the goal was to conquer Mt Everest. Here is a rough sketch of how the game is planned out.


The game consists of:
A game board. There is a hole cut out in the middle to put the mountain. The mountain is made up of 4x 3D-printed pieces joined together, or cardboard (Which might make it more efficient in the packaging).
Equipment Cards e.g. Rope, pepper spray, knife, etc.
Event Cards e.g. Avalanche, You have developed hypothermia, you have frostbite, Furious Yeti Encounter, Himalayan Black bear, you’ve lost your food etc.
Resource Cards e.g. You have found a medicinal herb…

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