A Source of Stimuli


”Freedom to quit is an essential aspect of play’s definition” (Gray, 2008).

”Play” serves us many valuable purposes which develop physical, intellectual, emotional and socially moral capacities (Gray, 2008). It provides a state of mind where your motivation influences mental behavior, which is why games have a long deep running and habitual association; historically a culturally specific to modernity (Malaby, 2007).

In video games or virtual reality environment, ‘Play’ is commonly signified as a form of activity with three special instincts which is separable, safe and pleasure. Separable means against from work or in other words, acts as an escapism of everyday life whereas safe stands for ‘consequence free’ and pleasurable indicates fun and enjoyment (Malaby, 2007). Therefore, it significantly demonstrates the potential of video games which provides players have a certain degree of control over in the game characters.

Phenomenologically, players…

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