We Grew Home

The Internet and I

You know your favourite video game? Maybe it has sweet graphics, or amazing gameplay, but do you have shitty internet connection? So do I! It’s one of the many perks of living between two national parks. This issue paired with the woes of an out of date laptop can sometimes make it difficult to comfortably immerse myself in game. In these times, I’ve often turned to board games for entertainment and today, I combined the two.

Presenting: Grow Home

Grow Home is a really cute indie-esc game by Ubisoft which features a beautiful, simple art-style and light soundtrack. You take control of an adorably uncoordinated robot, B.U.D., and are tasked with growing the Star Plant on a distant planet. Crystals are used to grow the Star Plant and other plants on the planet can offer you a number of different benefits.

So, like true creatives, we took two existing, established…

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