Parking Royale

The Internet and I

When I think of a University of Wollongong sport that’s both fiercely competitive and unparalleled in popularity, I immediately think of finding a parking spot.

Possibly the most brutal of all uni sports, most students participate in this ancient parking ritual, yet not all survive (or at least find a parking spot). Third party students become pawns in their game, as cars must use them to get into carpool, or suffer the faraway spots at the Botanical Gardens.

Basically, this board game pitch plays on the cut throat parking scene at UOW and the unspoken competitiveness of finding a park. Players begin at the turn off to the uni and then travel around the board (North Fields Ave and Ring Road loop) making stops to pick up extra passengers (3) at certain points, in order to qualify for carpool and attain the desired parking spot. The road to victory is…

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