But what have we all learned Basil?

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As the first batch of blogging draws to a close, we reflect on the learning I have done in the past four weeks. Unfortunately today I was not able to attend class, so I spent the time pondering the UoW game project. Wholly the most prominent (not to the discreditation of the other aspects) idea I have learned in relation to game creation is the idea of space and place. Michael Nitsche in, Video Game Spaces considers space “a central issue for the study of digital media since the introduction of cyberspace“, and as such the project I am working on has taken Space into account with much consideration. BY utilising the whole campus as a game space, we bring a new frame into the university life. Personally, I believe this space/place idea is one of the most distinguishing factors in game creation. Congruent to these notions of place and space…

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