KarioMart: the start of something big

There's an App for That

We have all played at least one version of Nintendo’s greatest racing game Mario Kart. Its a game that has become core to Nintendo’s new console re-skin marketing technique and has become loved by nearly every gamer in this world. The video game became the basis of the exercise we did in class this week, and thus Kario Mart was born.

Kario Mart was a simple enough idea to create, its basically a board game that resembles rainbow road in the video game and has 3 core mechanics to randomise the board for replay ability. To move one must role a dice, squares on the track represented different mechanics we implemented into the game, such as mystery boxes, speed boosts and the ever terrifying thwomps. A shortcut was placed near the end with a high risk high reward senario. if the shortcut was taken there was a high possiblity that…

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