Carcassonne Reviw

Those Dumb Pixels In My Head

First of all, Carcassonne is a very simple game. It revolves around building fields, roads and cities using terrain pieces that are drawn randomly from a pile, as you can see it’s no Dungeons and Dragons. In creating the terrain you get to see a few tiles turn in to a jumble of poorly thought out castles and dead end roads that will make you glad city planners exist in the modern day, all while trying to position your little wooden figurines in the best spots to earn points. It’s endearingly chaotic, yet by the end you will feel an attachment to your off the cuff civilization you have all together created. Fortunately this is where the camaraderie ends.

Carcassonne can be relentlessly competitive. Because it’s a mixture of short and long term game strategy, it is incredibly rewarding to see your fellow world builders pull ahead of you points…

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