Game Modelling.

Zac T McCall

This week we were challenged to individually model an entirely new or a re-mod of an existing game based around the idea of the life of a student at university.

So throughout the lecture I was noting down key elements of university life, specifically for UOW. The list included: parking, coffee, tutorial enrolment, good lecturers, shitty lecturers, friends, UniBar, clothing, you get the point.

My next objective was to link these fragments of uni life to an existing game and re-mod it, multiple ideas were thought up but my final concept was essentially, the classic ‘Snake’ phone game. However rather then the user being a snake and growing their tail, the user is a version of themselves and they grow a trail of friends behind them.

Play the classic Snake!

Description of Game States

The user will begin as a singular character placed in a space with another randomised character…

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