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This week we were set a task to re-design a current board game or design a simple small-scale video game. I opted for the latter and got to creating a flash-game style 2D driving game.

Inspirations for this game were a mixture of my experiences at a young age playing vintage LCD handheld racing car games and present-day me being stuck behind slow drivers and losing patience in the process.


I would like to make an attempt at creating a simplistic game of this nature with minimal complexities, so as not to get ahead of my (lack of) abilities. Sticking to this vintage LCD inspired form will be a way of having some sort of success in the game’s creation and I would like to use either GameMaker or Stencyl to undertake this project (with assistance from www.sorting.hat).

Prototype Game Design – Angry Driver


Primary Game Loop

  • Overtaking other…

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