It’s ‘Almost’ All Fun & Games

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It’s riveting to know that there is such a fun and open minded subject to be had at the 300-level here at DIGC310. This week I think we tried to bear in mind that despite the subject literally being games, ultimately our goal is to review and pick apart this form of media, uncovering certain aspects and cultural values along the way. And thus began our ‘academic’ practical work as the class split into groups working collaboratively on making and modelling games while others play tested them, namely the new Oculus Rift.

My contributions this week were offered to the modeller and maker group for this as we worked together to brainstorm ideas and game mechanics for a ‘Mario Kart’ board game tentatively titled ‘Kario Mart’ to avoid copyright for our ingenious product. We set out to create a board game to mirror the classic in a way that complements…

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