Let’s Talk Pokemon Crystal Kaizo – And What is Pokemon Anyway?


If you’ve ever been ridiculed for the relative simplicity and easiness of a Pokemon game, you’re in luck. A hack exists for Pokemon Crystal ROMs known as Pokemon Crystal Kaizo version. This game plays almost exactly the same as the original Pokemon Crystal version, but the difficulty has been increased tremendously.

Too much. Way too much. The challenge is enjoyable to a point, but hours are wasted in grinding your Pokemon up to high enough levels to progress in the game… and I don’t mean a few hours, I mean dozens. While playing on the VisualBoy Advance, I have the ability to speed up the emulation by 20x. While I have never played a Pokemon game’s main storyline that has taken me longer than 40 hours to complete, I have not yet reached the halfway point of this game, and I am at 150 hours of play. This game is…

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