Pandemic, don’t let it become an epidemic.

Look mum I made a blog...

I’m not going to lie I have not played a board game in quite some time, however even more significantly I don’t think I have ever really immersed myself into the world of board games far beyond the little game called, Monopoly. I love gaming but I am more of a video gamer. My love for the Xbox as my source of gaming cannot be rivaled, however after last week’s class where we were required to experience the excitement of board games, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed what I encountered and even more so, I have become open into delving further into the world of board games.

With a vast list of choices to play, Pandemic was the selection. Along with four other members of my class, we where to explore the game of Pandemic as our tutorial task. The requirement was to develop an understanding in how Pandemic functions and I…

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