Simulation is better than Cinema

Those Dumb Pixels In My Head

“Notice that I said that the outcome of a simulation is a narration “for an external observer”. This is because in many simulations, particularly in videogames, the player does not feel like she is being told a story by a narrator, but rather experiencing events as a personal experience” – Gonzalo Fresca, 2001

I’m very much over the cut scene. Whenever control is taken away from me in a game I’m completely yanked out of the submersion that I have previously achieved. With games like The Last Of Us the trade off is worth it as you get really dense parts of story, but ultimately it just feels like it goes against the medium.

This is why I like simulation games. It cuts through the bullshit and gets straight to the good stuff. Gonzalo speaks of games as more simulation than story and I would totally agree. Games like Minecraft…

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