The Assessment | Board Game Design


The process of developing a board game is challenging my idea of what I think is fun, how do I make something fun, and AM I STILL FUN?

 This introspective examination of my relationship with the concept of play is uncomfortable to do as an adult, because I believe the fundamentals have been established as a child. Furthermore, when other people contribute to the development of the game, I have to rethink why I initially thought my idea was “fun”. So, in week 3 I avoided this self-examination and spent the seminar focussed solely on detailing my idea for a competitive last-[person]-standing game, in the vein of Battle Royale or the Hunger Games. Where players are competing for a HD by cheating and sabotaging other players.

week 3 game design notes Brainstorming movement with program tiles, forms of actions, and the board design.

But since Week 3, I have self-reflected on my process and challenged why I…

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