The King of Tokyo


I changed the format of this sessions blogs into an audio podcast – check out week 1 on Soundcloud!

In our first week for Digital Game Cultures we were split into groups and explored the wonderful world of tabletop/board games. My group settled on playing the game titled “King of Tokyo”, which is a competitive and fast-paced battle between six ferocious monsters to become the ultimate “King of Tokyo”, using six prominent mythological and pop culture monsters as playable figures.

king-of-tokyo-49-1295413550 The contents of the “King of Tokyo” board game.

The Objective of the King of Tokyo is to eliminate the other players and become the last remaining monster, or earn enough victory points (20 VP) to earn the title of King of Tokyo. Each player starts off the game board, which represents Tokyo. The first player will roll the six dice up to a maximum of three times in order…

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