Thrown into Space

Cheers to Creativity

Feeling lost, and unsure of what project group I should join, I slipped into my safe zone and joined the ‘media’ group.

I was feeling chuffed with my decision to join such a group because this week we got to test the Oculus Rift. While I had never seen this technology in person, I was familiar with it, and felt like I was about to experience something from ‘Back To The Future’. I put the headset on, and was welcomed by a bright green landscape, picturesque balcony and panoramic ocean views. While the graphics weren’t exactly high definition, the experience felt overwhelming, so much so that I felt mildly dizzy when I took the Oculus off. I was pretty impressed, however my ‘Back To The Future’ expectations weren’t met.

The Oculus did not fail me though! I then tested a program called ‘Elite Dangerous’. The name sounds as cool as…

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