Achievement Unlocked: A Reflection

Hungry Digital Zombies

When I think of game ideas I often begin with two main design points, the game purpose and  the beginning, progress and endgame (these I have bundled as one main point as they build off of each other). The past few weeks I’ve focused on developing and exploring these points.

Multi-platform, Procedurally and Randomly Generated, Rogue Likish, Twin Stick Shooter to Board Game

The Binding of Isaac board game I  was  designing forced me to explore randomness and board design. while dice rolls can make a game more dynamic, spending all the players time rolling die can easily become tedious and as Grant details in his blog ‘The role of luck: Why RNG isn’t the answer’, elements of randomness can degrade the importance of player skill , potentially leaving players alienated from the point of reaching endgame.

Board Free or Just Bored?

Personally I find conceptual game spaces to…

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