Pandemic: Putting The Fate of Humanity in Your Hands

Hungry Digital Zombies

Pandemic is a four player cooperative tabletop game where you are tasked with curing humanity of four diseases. Each player plays a character with specific skills to be utilised in your endeavour to rid the world of these diseases city by city. If Pandemic were to be described in one word, it would be, ‘intense’.

The Stresses of Saving The World

Pandemic does an excellent job at simulating the feeling of running out of time even though there is no real time limit by not only having the threat of the disease actively increasing each round but keeping it dynamic in a way that makes the game different each time it’s played. While this keeps the game fresh and exciting it also creates the slight problem of the game sometimes being unforgivingly hard and other times it’s a soft pushover and this is entirely up to lady luck, but hey…

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