Pinnacles of 3D

Lachlan Ibbett

Throughout this semester I have been attending the weekly 3D printing workshops. (This is suppose to be my week 3 blog but I hadn’t achieved anything too noteworthy within the 3D printing culture yet, so I held off my post… plus I’m also lazy). Whilst I was a bit skeptical towards my own interest in 3D printing at first, i have really become quite interested in it in the last three or so weeks. If you didn’t know yet, DIGC (Chris and Ted) bought a 3D printer that currently resides in the printing room of the library, it is currently free and quite easy to use. For beginners (like myself) the easiest way to start using these machine is to find a 3D model of your desire (suggested site: load the file into flashpoint (printing software) on attached laptop and hit print. There is a bit more to…

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