The 2nd Week: A Procedurally Generated Board Game

Hungry Digital Zombies

This week in DIGC310, as well as trying an oculus rift for the first time (which was an experience in itself), I began work on a Binding of Isaac Inspired board game. The Binding of Isaac, by Team Meat, is a randomly generated rogue-like game. This means many of the games elements such as level layout and item availability are  based on randomly generated numbers at the beginning of each game.

The board game I was developing takes a virtual space into the players physical space not only by becoming a physical object to interact with but by being procedurally built within the physical world. Taylor states “video game spaces are more than simply the sum of their code – they are experiential spaces generated through code and the player’s interaction with the execution of that code through the medium of the screen” (Taylor, L), suggesting that the…

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