Too poor to buy textbooks.

Lachlan Ibbett

Over the years I have strategically dodged hardcopy and online textbooks, bartered my abilities to cook food for payment of invalid edition textbooks, and saved money by not printing off handbooks and worksheets for in-class activities.
However, this subject may ending up costing me lots of money. It’s ridiculous. NO, there’s no money grab textbook that needs to be activated online to complete quizzes, that have nothing to do with the subject itself – costing a pointless $150. We have games. We are FORCED against our will to play games in class. It’s horrible. So horrible that I have also been forced, against my will, to buy the bloody things, what has uni become!? (sorry there’s no font for sarcasm)11040675_10153245163168304_1824375569_n

This is Pandemic. A few classmates and I played this in our first tutorial. Sixty Eight dollars later, iv’e been playing it with housemates too. The game itself is brilliant…

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