First-Person Shooters : It Is Not About the Violence


In the world of today, experience has been taken seriously in the field of philosophy as the priority of game design system which includes arts, cultures and human-computer interaction (Klastrup, 2007). Likewise, achieving the goal of experiencing the realm physically in the game design it has to be focused on not only the functional but also the emotional and emphatic design to create certain types of experiences.

From a point of view of game perception, the “experience movement” indicates the desire of movement which one might call a first generation of research into digital technologies that signifies understanding of how emotional qualities of interaction experiences acts as a integral part of game design (Klastrup, 2007); it requires more examinations of in the context of production, play, ideological capacity and huge circulation within popular culture (Moore, 2012).

First-person shooter games provide a numerous affects, specifically…

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