I Am A God – Deity Impressions

Brendan Vs The World

This week in class I had the pleasure of play testing Trapezium Media’s game Deity. Deity is described on Trapeziums blog as  “A combination board-card game where the players are Gods or Goddesses, in the style of a polytheistic pantheon, who control the mortal realm and go to heavenly war in the astral realm. The players will gain the resource ‘faith’ by gathering followers in the mortal realm and then expend that resource in the astral realm to summon armies and engage in a turn-based, tiled wargame to eliminate their rivals.” And Boy did I feel like a god playing this game.

I played in a 5 player session with one of the creators and 3 fellow classmates. Throughout the playthrough I became more and more engrossed in this world we were building together. At the beginning of the game each player rolls a dice to determine their gods relation to the other…

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