Machinima : A New Way of Teaching Tool


Machinima is an act of animated film making in a real time within a virtual environment. It is also described as a new medium of filmmaking that began with self-directed experience as an expressive communication-mediated art form (Moore and Barwell, 2013). In other words, Machinima is a combined word from machine and cinema which enables to create characters and film scenes within computer games in order to create distinct narrations.

The experience of students learning in higher education within the capacity of Web 2.0 and digital platforms are enhanced by their daily activities involvements where digital media production involves creativity, economic, popular cultures and distinctive self (Moore and Barwell, 2013). Maintaining network connection, informing information, uploading or tagging images, updating statues are the activities which succeeds the development of skills, attitudes, understandings which in division of participatory media cultures development.
According to Raessens 2005, theā€¦

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