The violent video game panic

Amy Joyce

It is not the first time the media have created a moral panic regarding media content and it’s affects on the human mind. However, the moral panic that video games lead to aggression and violent nature, is a prevalent and long debated topic.

There is know clear conclusive studies indicating that video games, especially first person shooters, will cause individuals to become more violent in their every day life. Though it is clear that video games and media content in general can result in an emotive response. Though this is not a new revelation.

The Great Train Robbery a 1903 film had incorporated a scene where the bandit chief points his revolver directly at the camera and shoots.  According to historical accounts this had the audience at the time screaming in fear and then laughing in relief (Bittanti 2006 p.3). Bittanti (2006 p.3) goes on to explain that the;


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