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For a bit of academic fun this Easter, I’d like to take the chance to review a game that I’ve play tested and share my thoughts and insights to the experience I had.

In 2013, Independent game company Drinkbox Studios developed and published the game ‘Guacamelee’, a 2D side-scrolling action game combined with a beautifully stylized Mexican theme and setting. Initially sold as a PS3 exclusive, its growing popularity and sales led to cross-platform expansion to PC, Mac and Xbox in 2014. The game pays its respects to retro gaming influences, which coincides with its genre, popularly coined as ‘Metroidvania’. This genre emphasizes an exploratory structure to its gameplay where the player is given freedom to travel the less beaten path and uncover treasures and rewards in return.

A power-up statue that unlocks a new ability

This free-roaming gameplay is what really set it apart from the plethora of existing…

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