Almost there

The Grand Optimist

As we decided to change our mountain game from Everest to Mount Kailash, we needed to change the board design slightly. This is the latest board design:


With a slight reworking of the background image, we completely changed the feel and look of the game:


We came up with a great idea that instead of having the oxygen levels design on the actual board, it would be more efficient to have a separate A5 sized board for each player to have by their side. These are the new panels:

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.03.21 pm

This week I also designed the cards artwork. I used the google earth images to accompany the game board design, however altered and distorted the colours to make a unique design for each card category.

I designed the Cards and tried building on the card system by giving the players more options.

I.e. Choose to go back 7 space OR take a…

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