Participatory Culture in Computer Games

The Grand Optimist

The computer games I remember playing as a child include, The SIMS, pac-man,, online games on the cartoon network website, and my personal favourite, T.H.U.G (Tony Hawk’s Underground) PC game.


In T.H.U.G, you play the role of an amateur skateboarded aiming to make it as a pro. There were many different ‘worlds’ and environment, indicating different levels. Accomplishing the goals and challenges in one world unveiled the next world.

Raasens describes an element of participatory culture with the idea of reconfiguration. It is the ‘exploration of the unknown’ (Raasens, p380). As this idea means “the user is free to move around the database… though has no impact on the destiny of the virtual world”, an example could be when I am in practice mode of T.H.U.G where I’m solely in an environment to explore the level and practice my moves, without having any impact on the consequences.

Reconfiguration is also when a…

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