Comment on the bad reputation of violent video games


I know the week 7 assignment was to comment on weekly progress… I haven’t done a great job with that, though progress was made every week. I will explain that in my individual dossier, and I will create an appendix to show screenshots of the Facebook group in which the progress was discussed.

Week 7 involved violent video games and moral panic, and many of the readings centered around guns and the first-person-shooter. When I have discussed video games with many people who haven’t played them, I’ve received a wrinkled nose in response and been told “well I hope you’re not designing more of that Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto crap”.

No, I’m not. But that’s beyond the point.

Plenty of people still don’t have a great image of video games. To them, it’s still useless, unproductive, and de-socializing escapism. Some believe games are detrimental to mental health…

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