DIGC310 S1 EP10: The Hunt for QR Codes.

Sean's Place

Captains Blog,

Hunt for QR Codes

Another class was missed this week.  A day in hospital, better, for, my health. No filming done on my part. My sources tell me, the forward explorers, Dan, Dan, Andy and Matt have concluded the filming for the major scenes.  This is pleasing. Upon further reports, we may need to do additional exploration of the planet introduction video.

But okay, enough of that.

Essentially, I missed this week because of surgery, but I have been informed that all footage is done so basically now it is just down to the editing room. So I didnt have a huge impact this week on the work, but I like to think I was there for moral support.

Now I want to tackle the future of game development in Australia.  Now there is too much content in this topic to cover in this small blog post so I shall only discuss…

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