Freedom of misbehaviour


If you are guilty of what you have done in real life and get really frustrated when you have no clues how to deal with the guilt, video games are such a good way for escapism. Grand Theft Auto is one of the best games for freedom of criminal where to express your misbehaviour, bad attitudes and violence and illegal things that you are not able to achieve in order to fulfill your mental-satisfaction.

“􀀚􀀀􀀑􀀓􀀉􀀚􀀀􀀑􀀓􀀉A free activity standing quite consciously outside ‘ordinary’ life as being ‘not serious’, but at the same time absorbing the player intensely and utterly. It is an activity connected with no material interest, and no profit can be gained by it. It proceeds within its own proper boundaries of time and space according to fixed rules and in an orderly manner.” (Huizinga, 1995[1938]:13)

Playing GTA can gain the enjoyment of real life and yet at the…

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