Last Blog for DIGC310 :(

Lachlan Ibbett

The completed project The completed project

For this blog I thought I would show a brief overview of Mt. Kailash (previously know as Mt. Everest) the game we made in class.

So as that first sentence probably showed, we changed the name, and some mechanics of the game, we decided Mt. Kailash would add an extra element, as it a very spiritual and religious mountain, we could add more folklorish and weirder/interesting aspects to the game. We added a spiritual deck of cards that acted similar to our ‘Event’ deck in that it challenged the players using dice roll systems, but also had different acts such as, holding on to a card in case you get attacked by ‘the yeti’….. oh yeah we added a yeti mechanic too, where, when the yeti card was drawn, a yeti would start moving around the board, coming after players and setting them back a couple of…

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