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Machinima (Machine Cinema)

Machinima is a cinematic production created within real-time computer graphic engines, most oftenly made in video games. Originally machinima was a fan content created by machinimators around the universe of the game as an homage to the series. This practice began originally as speed runs in the 1990s inDoomand Quake, occasionally showing multiplayer matches. The more cinematic machinima arose when the concept of recording game engines moved beyond Quake and story writing became popular within machinima.


The most successful machinima series comes from the small production company RoosterTeeth known as Red vs Blue. The popular series also known as RvB is a parody of the popular shooter Halo. What began as a small project between friends in 2002 has grown and exceeded all expectations. Red vs Blue has recently begun its 13th season this year and will most likely have another 13 to…

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