Week 8: Review of Kickstarter Campaign for “Perception”.

Bernard Bunuan

With my recent interest in VR headset developments I still wondered about the gap that remains between players who can see and those who are blind. So I was fascinated to learn about a Kickstarter campaign to create an indie game entitled Perception. It’s being developed by a group called The Deep End Games, comprised of experienced game developers. They intend to use the Unreal Engine, which I am learning myself. The game would operate with a single player who takes on the role of a blind girl named Cassie. She investigates an abandoned house that has haunted her dreams and must solve its mysteries. Each time a mystery is solved Cassie goes back further in time and the house changes. The main antagonist, or Big Boss, seems to be a creature called the Presence, whom Cassie must hide from throughout the game. Being blind, players will ‘see’ by a simulation of echolocation, which looks like the special effects in the Daredevil…

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