Week 9: Mods and Machinima

Bernard Bunuan

In class we covered the use of mods and the development of fan culture, i.e. Machinima. It follows a theory by Roland Barthes where the readers become the authors. As a PC gamer myself mods were awesome when I played Skyrim because they served a purpose. The ones I usually chose fixed bugs and expanded one of the homes I used in the game. Some even bring some improvements to areas that some players wish would be restored after the major quests. I have always wanted to develop Winterhold into a proud city again. The problem with games like this is the developers don’t offer reconstruction quests after major conflicts are resolved. I think it’s a bad example how the audience is never encouraged to take part in reconstruction after a conflict. The Hearthfire DLC seemed to inspire something like that. I wish I could adopt more than two kids and build more bedrooms in my homes.

The number of fans who spend time…

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