First Person Shooters, Violent Games & Moral Panics

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Everyone can remember how exhilarating it was as a kid to absolutely annihilate the Covenant in Halo, bludgeon a stranger on the street in GTA, disintegrate an enemy in Quake or silence your friends in Goldeneye multiplayer. It was and still is a great way to relieve the stress and just generally have some fun – but did we then go and replicate this at school or out in public? The resounding answer would be no, right? Well that isn’t what policy makers and the media think, always going against video games and pointing the finger at them for certain behavioural and societal factors as a sort of scapegoat.

The impact of video games on children has been the subject of much scrutiny and discussion over time and this has been accelerated due to Mature and more violent games content being created. But it is important to consider that with…

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