Investigating Video Game Kickstarter Campaigns

BCM Blog

Whoever came up with the idea of crowdfunding is an absolute genius. It is a revolutionary idea that I feel spreads good Karma using the intrinsic human trait of giving, helping each other out and backing up the little guy. When it comes to using this to help develop video games that would have otherwise perished due to lack of funds, a whole number of fantastic projects have the opportunity to blossom.

Jumping on the Kickstarter website, I discovered a plethora of different game campaigns most of which were already on their way to reaching their pledge or surpassed their pledge by hundreds of percent! Reading through the successful candidates, I decided to look at those that weren’t doing so well and figure out why, coming across German developer Paul Klein JVS’s game: ‘a-life’. Having barely reached it’s target of €10,000, the game’s description seems promising – “A creative…

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