Week 10 – The Australian Gaming Industry

Zac T McCall

When you think of the Australian gaming industry it is hard to say that we are the pioneers and world leaders in the field. But personally, before further investigation into this topic, I did not understand why we weren’t as prominent in this industry compared to our European and American counterparts.

The McCrea (2013) reading claims that this can be put down to multiple differing reasons, some of which were out of our control. Referring to Australia’s once weak dollar in comparison to the US and UK, McCrea described one cause stating, “different factors are corralled to explain the collapse of the industry in this period, each interconnected and forming an inexorable vicious cycle. The strengthening Australian dollar, especially as the global financial crisis devastated other Western economies, made Australia a less attractive production partner” (2013).

This among the list of other negative factors to the industry would have to…

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