What about Australia’s mobile game studio’s

Amy Joyce


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I was recently reading Christian McCrea’s journal article on ‘The Collapse and Reconstruction of an Industry’, which details the rise and falls of the Australian gaming industry. McCrea(2013, p.203) starts by detailing the history of Australia’s industry, even though the industry is currently suffering, Australia has released multiple popular games such as; The Hobbit in 1982 and Way of the Exploding Fist in 1985.

The 1980’s was the time  of the arcade game; and this resulted in Australia being a prime target for pirated arcade machines, created in Taiwan and Singapore. The Australian gaming industry has since further declined; with Australia mainly working under the work for hire model (McCrea, 2013 p. 204), thus Australians are merely providing labour to popular games instead of creating them. But what about the mobile gaming industry?

McCrea (2013, p204) details that the Australian game industry has had significant…

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