Sporting Board Game

Due to having zero game design experience I have decided to create a sporting board game. The game I have chosen to create is essentially a hybrid of Football Manager, crossed with a monopoly style board mixed with character cards based of the board game The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac.

The managerial element is taken from the famous online game Football Manager. Which forces players to manage a football team and buy and sell players accordingly.

football manager

I then decided to recreate a monopoly style board however I will design the background to be a soccer pitch. Similar to the picture below however using a full soccer field.

monopoly soccer field

Lastly I decided to add into the game unique injured sports player cards each with their own details. The card would look similar to a FIFA player card however instead of skill attributes it would feature injury status.

player cards

The game will require players to manage an injured sports star. Each sporting star has a different position, injury, age, strength, weakness and amount of years playing for the club. These unique characteristics determine how well they can get back to playing a full game. The board consists of seven squares, six of them are training days which leads into a game day. If the sporting stars perform poorly on training days then they will be unable to play the game at the end of the week. First person to complete 8 games (two full rounds of the board) wins. Each player will be given a certain number of actions which they will have to use strategically in order to be fit for the game. If actions are used wrong then the player will be injured even more.

At this stage I will be basing the game around dice rolling to determine different training sessions and to determine whether the sports star is fit for game day. Whilst this is just a start I hope to develop my playing board this week. After that the unique player cards followed by the rules and finer game mechanics.



  1. Oh man, I remember playing my brother’s copy of Football Manager 2004 back in the day; still impressed with it’s deep mechanics. Your adaption into a board-game sounds really neat, I could totally see you having background cards for players to determine things as well as rolling dice as a mechanic, due to outcomes of sporting matches being determined largely by an individuals abilities.

    Keen to see you adapt this concept into a physical build! 🙂


  2. This is a really innovative, unique idea – I love watching sports and following my favourite players and their stats but I’m terrible at actually playing sports, so this is right up my alley! This might be silly question because of the Football Manager inspiration but would you use popular current players for the character cards and switch them out annually like the FIFA digital games or would you just have generic, nameless players? It could be a good way of monetizing the game long term, to release new character cards yearly.

    I also found this cool thread ( ) that has a whole bunch of sports related board game recs, you might get some more ideas about the game mechanics. Good luck! Can’t wait to see it come together.


  3. I’ve never played Football Manager nor had I ever planned on it, the whole management side just seemed incredibly boring compared to the quick 5min half matches of FIFA, but something about managing injured players has caught me… As dark as it sounds, I personally think it would be hilarious to have to force a player to play matches with something like a rolled ankle and see their performances suffer… I doubt that’s what you had in mind, But I’d love to see my boys bring my team down from their injuries. But instead of dice, have you considered playing tokens or skill points? Such as Magic the Gathering or YuGiOh? I’d been keen on activating some slide tackle cards with Studs up…


  4. This is a really interesting concept. It really works through the idea of sporting heroes not being perfect and/or unbreakable, which can be something that is often overlooked by society – sure people get bummed when their favourite player is out, but they are just replaced by the next up and coming star for the team.
    Is there a way to lose the game from too much injury, such as from paralysis; or perhaps this would make it harder to complete, (ie. learning how to play the sport in a wheel chair in the game narrative).
    It would be nice to see the game have a bit more complexity, perhaps by creating a new board which stems away from the monopoly style, or having another triggering element (aside from the dice).


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