Working Title: Gladiator Game

Growing up, I fell in love with one aspect of one game that is rarely seen in video games in a way that I enjoy. This feature, as lame as both of the next two things mentioned are, was the improvement in furniture in Raymans’ Cell in Rayman Raving Rabbids. Something about the customisation, and the layout and possibilities, but feeling of still being a prisoner in a cell, was done in a way that has inspired a solid portion of this game.

The other games are your rogue-likes, such as Rogue Legacy and Risk Of Rain, both having incredible replay-ability and a learning curve that was punishing but so rewarding when learnt. A game you could dip your toe into, but to master, one had to understand how it worked and how enemies acted, and whether you should rush through or collect items/money.

My idea is a 2D fighting game, where you play as a Gladiator inside a giant coliseum. As you progress through ranks from Bronze through to God status, you will not fight waves of enemies, but often One on One with an NPC with the same amount of health, until you begin to face beasts, machines, mythical creatures, etc.

Playing the game, in my opinion, would be best if kept simple, perhaps to only 3 main actions.

  1. Attack that does damage of a random integer based on weapon and character stats. This is the primary, and possibly only way to win.
  2. A block that negates a percentage of damage based on stats of weapon. If the block is timed right, perhaps a parry leaving opponent stunned for a time.
  3. A dash, that moves the character a short distance quickly, as well as making them invulnerable during the dash. Has a cooldown, perhaps stamina bar? Distance is stats and items based again.

The enemies would also, at first, simply try and attack, rarely block and never dash. This will make them seem like easy work to beginners, and be a great way to enter into the game.

Outside of the arena, I eventually want the ability for players to customise look of character, room and, eventually, arena. This will give the player a sense of accomplishment knowing the world has changed due to them entering it and winning.

I aim to learn a program I knew about a year ago, called GameMaker. I will test the basic options and hopefully dip myself into it, until I can build a working prototype of this game.


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