Another Zombie Game

Inspired by my love for offbeat comics, female protagonists and adaptations, my game will be a choose-your-own adventure game along the lines of Telltale’s works. Because of my general ineptitude with embedding prezis, here’s a link to the presentation which is a more in-depth proposal for my game, I, Zombie.




  1. Hi Nicole,

    I really enjoyed your prezi, the layout and colours pulled me in straight away. You have done an excellent job so far with character development, already I want to know more about Gwen and her two friends. What platform are you looking at to create your game? I was also wondering you your target audience is?

    It is interesting that you brought up copyright, because in BCM112 the lecture topic this week is surrounding copyright issues. It will be a tough process dodging certain licences and IP but I think it is doable. I am not sure if you have come across this website yet but has a whole category designated to zombie games, it might give you some inspiration, tips and ideas, link below:

    Looking forward to your next post.


  2. I’m actually a big fan of iZombie the TV show and the aesthetic you’re thinking of in this point and click adventure is really cool. How are you going to achieve this? Do you have any graphic design experience or someone to help you? I’d really like to see what happens here.

    In response to the copyright issue, I recommend following a parody or adaptation approach. Gwen and Liv already different from the comic to the TV show, I can’t see why you can’t expand on the universe with another similar character. I was looking into point-and-click game mechanics and results keep showing them as a favorable framework for educational games. Would you be able to incorporate some kind of educational aspect (if not learning and logic then maybe social theories)?

    A link worth checking:


    1. Oh wow, expanding the universe is such a good idea, I might even use it! It would make the copyright issue much easier to deal with. Thanks gurl!


  3. I am a huge fan of anything zombie related so this is really exciting. I haven’t actually watched the series but the backstory of each of the characters in the Prezi was really good in understanding your ideas. I think they would be a great addition to the beginning of your game. I also like the point and click adventure idea to be able to tell a story while the game is being played. You might already be aware of it but Chris mentioned the website Twine ( in our Cyber Cultures class the other day. You can create your own choose your own adventure type games and there are some really helpful tips and tutorials on creating these types of games that you might find useful.


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