My History of Games and VFX

Hello everyone, I’ve been interested in computers and games from a very early age. My dad recalls a time when I made a drawing in good old MS Paint and made it the background on his work computer and having to get me to show him how to change it back.

My interest in games started with windows 95 games such as Pyjama Sam and Spy Fox. Since then I have played a plethora of games, which range from MMORPG World of Warcraft to classics such as Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet and Clank, Bioshock and Indie games like Never Alone.

My interest in film also started from an early age, when I was 10 and we were able to get internet at our house. I would watch films such as the early Star Wars movies and Indiana Jones and if I couldn’t work out how they did the special effects, I would get on the computer and start looking up how they did it and this expanded my interest into the world of compositing and visual effects.

After finishing my HSC I started studying Screen and Media at TAFE, which expanded my knowledge even further in terms of how a film set operates and the pipeline process of making a film. Which starts at pre-production where script writing and the sourcing of props, actors and other things are a priory; to filming on set and taking multiple takes of every shot to make sure you have the one you want to use when it comes to the awesome part of development which is more commonly known as post-production. Where the movie really comes to life, in this area you have editors, sound engineers and all the people that bring the special effects to life.

In my final year we made a short film where I was in charge of Titles, Props and Special Effects. (N.B. There is a scene that has implied non acceptable behaviour and because of this the film has been marked as Mature on Vimeo.)

Dead Man’s Hand (2013) from Benjamin Read on Vimeo.

Since then I have been experimenting with different programs such as Side FX’s Houdini which has been used to make special effects in films such as Mad Max: Fury Road; Autodesk Maya; Maxon’s Cinema 4D; a compositing program called Nuke by The Foundry and many other programs that are used in the VFX world.

Tracking+Element+-+Light+#2An experiment I did in Cinema 4D with a render technique called Caustics. © Benjamin Read Design 2016.

For my Major Work in third year Media Arts, I started to experiment with fluid mechanics and the physics of moving waves and you can check the result below when you play the following video.

The Waves (2015) from Benjamin Read on Vimeo. © Benjamin Read Design 2016.

After I graduate with my Bachelor of Digital Media in July of this year. I’m planning on doing another undergraduate course that specialises in Visual Effects as that is where my heart lies and where I want to work in the future. If your interested in any of my other projects, they can be found at

One thought on “My History of Games and VFX

  1. I remember seeing your project at the innovtion campus last semester! That was mind blowing, and so amazing that you wrote it all in code and it created seemingly similar but never identical waves! Sick work man!

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